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Ear Drops for Scuba Diving


Invented by Scuba Instructors:



  • Helps Divers Equalize.

  • Helps Prevent Reverse Block

  • Helps Prevent Ear Infections.

  • Helps Dry Ears after Diving

  • Helps Ear Issues when Diving

Note: DiverDrops(TM) or Scuba Bay Area LLC does not make any medical claims for its products. DiverDrops is proven by testimonials only and personal usage by the founder, divers, and dive shops around the world. 

$14.99 + Shipping ($6.50)



Do not use in eyes, nose, or mouth. Keep away from open flame. 


Ask a doctor before use if you have:
-Ear drainage or discharge 
-Pain or rash in your ear 
-Had ear surgery 
-Round widow rupture or eardrum rupture  
-Maybe allergic to any ingredients 


Stop Usage and ask a doctor if: irritation or burning pain occurs 

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